Tuesday, April 22, 2008

False alarm

Turns out it wasn't the YH at the airport on Sunday (Branden had to check for me...wouldn't want to be inaccurate on the blog). She was, however, at the bookstore in Bothell last night, and we got to meet her. It was a lot of fun, though I kinda wish I had been closer to the end of the line so that there wasn't so much pressure to move on when we finally got to the signing table. When you're at the middle, you really do need to keep your 30 seconds to 30 seconds, in the name of peace and amiability. I don't know how she managed to talk to that many people and find something to say...I guess that's where the introvert in me just shudders and is glad I don't write funny knitting books.

There were a lot of people at the signing. It was funny...the talk was in a food court sort of area in the mall, and there were non-knitters around just kinda looking at the people with needles and wondering. Every once in a while someone would walk in unaware, and it was pretty amusing to watch them take stock, shake their head in disbelief, and keep walking. The people in the bookstore looked even more stunned when the whole place was suddenly full of people with pointy sticks. They must have been warned, but apparently were not aware of the power of yarn. They are now aware. We forgot to bring the camera (I know, I know), so I'm afraid that I have no evidence for the size of the crowd, but it was large.

I'm not sure what would have been funnier; actually seeing the YH at the airport and going over to talk, or mistaking someone for her and going over to talk. It would have been funny either way. But then, it might offend a random stranger if you asked if they were The Harlot...