Sunday, April 20, 2008


I had to pick Branden up at the airport today. He's back now, which hopefully means that work will now stay at work and I will get my knitting time back. (I'm lucky that having my husband home means that I get to knit more.)

But anyway. I was circling around the airport because I missed the cell phone waiting lot, and I do believe that I sighted the Yarn Harlot waiting to be picked up. There was no convenient way to stop, and I really wouldn't want her to feel like she can't go anywhere without being seen (even though it's probably true...knitters are everywhere). I didn't confirm that it was actually her. There is a book signing in Bothell tomorrow night, though, so the timing is right. I think it's funny that I should have been able to pick someone I've never met out of a crowd I wasn't intentionally scanning while driving around the airport waiting for my husband whose plane hadn't landed yet. Goes to show just how good I am at keeping my eyes on the road, I guess...

Be that as it may, I do believe that the YH has been sighted in Seattle!